Breath During Pregnancy

How to Control Shortness of Breath During Pregnancy


Breath During Pregnancy, Pregnant women need to know how to deal with shortness of breath so that pregnancy feels comfortable. Shortness of breath during pregnancy is a natural thing, especially if the pregnancy enters the second and third trimesters.

This condition is usually caused by an increase in the size of the uterus that pushes the lungs up, as well as an increase in hormones. According to a 2014 analysis, an assessed 60-70 per cent of women experience shortness of breath during pregnancy.

Although not dangerous, in some cases, additional serious pregnancy complications can cause difficulty breathing. Shortness of breath during pregnancy can make mothers feel uncomfortable and limit their activities. The following are ways you can try to help pregnant women feel comfortable and breathe easier.

1. Using a support belt, Breath During Pregnancy.

If the shortness of breath experienced by pregnant women is at a difficult level, using a special support belt for pregnant women might be an option. This pregnancy support belt is very easy to find in various e-commerce or online stores that we subscribe to. The use of this pregnancy belt can help support a better and more comfortable posture for pregnant women. The direct effect can make breathing more comfortable and relieved.

2. Ideal sleeping position, and Breath During Pregnancy.

Sleeping with a pillow supported on the back can maximize gravity pulling the uterus downwards and giving lots of space to the lungs. Then sleeping on your side slightly to the left can also help keep the uterus away from the aorta, the main artery that carries oxygenated blood throughout the body.

3. Routinely do breathing exercises

Practising breathing techniques and exercises can help pregnant women feel more comfortable breathing. This practice is also useful for training mothers to go through the labour process which also requires certain breathing techniques.

4. Don’t forget to rest

Pregnant women need to take time off when breathing becomes difficult. This method allows pregnant women to feel calmer and keep their physical activity from overdoing it and triggering complications due to shortness of breath.

5. Take the medicine prescribed by the doctor, Breath During Pregnancy.

In certain cases, the shortness of breath that pregnant women feel is not due to the uterus but also exposure to allergens. If there are symptoms that are suspected to be caused by an allergic reaction, it is better to consult a doctor to get medical treatment such as drugs according to the doctor’s recommendations.

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